Expert in High-End Object manipulation - Juggling over 5 different object at once

Fire Manipulation (Juggling, Eating, Breathing, Painting) *insured up to $3 million*

Comedy Escape Artist that can Juggling Inside of a straight jacker and fifty feet of chain

World Renown Hat juggling routine with 6 hats

Close up Card, Coin, and Rope walk around magician

Plate Spinner and circus Workshop Instructor

Cirque Style of Clowning and mime theory Major

Long distance Unicycler, Rolla-Bola Dare Devil

and Balances worlds Largest Gyroscope on his face.

Name: Gypsy Geoff

Aka: Geo Da Clown,

Prof. Flab a Gab

Entertaining: 8 years

Location: Milwaukee Wi, And Beyond

Claim to Fame:

Balances worlds largest Gyroscope on his Face

Juggles inside of a straight jacket

the in-Famous Plate Spinning routine

Variety Entertainer

Also known as Tissu or Ribbons, is a fabric apparatus hung from above that is climbed, wrapped around the body, and/or tied to create dramatic drops, poses and movements in the air. This art is a breathtaking display, the perfect balance of grace and strength. Our gymnast draws from over a decade of performance training. Her approach combines superb technique and a fluidity that only comes from years of disciplined refinement. Can be hired as a Solo act or in Pairs. Great for large events sure to draw a crowd. Speciality costuming and music is available to match the theme of your event

Technical requirements for Venue

1.  Rigging with minimum height of 15 feet, load capacity of 1,000 lbs per point. 

2.  Several hours to get in prior to event

3.  Venue would need to provide adequate ladder and one additional technician / assistant to help with install/deinstall.

Portable Aerial Rig

Erin has a portable aerial rig for events with no rigging capabilities. The rig has a maximum height of 21 feet, with an approximate footprint of 24' x 23.'  It can be lowered to 16' where it's footprint would be 17' x 18.'